Message Threads #FTW

This month marks my three year anniversary of expat life having lived in the Philippines, Samoa, Egypt and Switzerland since leaving the States in May 2014. My life is certainly atypical in this way, and while my travels have generated great photo ops on Instagram, I think it is always important to remember that life gets filtered (especially my pictures 😉). I would not change the last few years for anything, but the life I have chosen to lead can be a lonely one. And in those lonelier moments, finding connection with family and friends (via whatever media) has been a lifesaver of comedic proportions. Thus, considering that femails is a conversation collaborative, and that conversations occur over a wide array of technology whether near or far, here are a few of my favorites. 

  1. Nothing beats family threads…my bros are always on point.

A little sibling rivalry:


Some well-placed cynicism:



Nothing causes jealousy like being sent photos of your favorite food from home:


A perfectly timed CAH play on Christmas Eve:


And to round out the batch, a shout out to mom:


2.    Friend threads that make self-depricating humor useless; they’ve got it covered.


A lost cause…


3.   Friends that keep you being you ❤️


I communicate via New Yorker cartoon more than any other medium…





Winning the day.





If we meet and I say, “Hi,”
That’s a salutation.
If you ask me how I feel,
That’s a consideration.
If we stop and talk awhile,
That’s a conversation.
If we understand each other,
That’s communication.
If we argue, scream and fight,
That’s an altercation.
If later we apologize,
That’s a reconciliation.
If we help each other home,
That’s cooperation.
And all these ations added up
Make civilization.

– Shel Silverstein,  A Light in the Attic

*Featured Image by Andy Warhol

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